The definitive book about strategic sourcing and managing indirect spend is here!

New for 2021, the authors of the original Managing Indirect Spend book tapped two additional procurement industry experts to update the content for a new decade.   Managing Indirect Spend, Enhancing Profitability Through Strategic Sourcing, Second Edition, is available now for purchase at Amazon and other popular book retailers now.

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Managing Indirect Spend
Second Edition.

A decade after the original publication of “Managing Indirect Spend” – the groundbreaking book covering an often overlooked area of corporate expenditures –  the authors have returned to publish the second edition.

This edition has over 30% new material, updated based on the last ten years of procurement evolution.  Managing Indirect Spend still covers the basics of sourcing indirects and best practices to get your function to the next level, but also includes:

• A history of GPO’s and procurement-focused technologies, and how to use both.

• How to setup, train and manage a best in class procurement organization.

• A detailed, step by step guide to analyzing spend and identifying opportunities for cost reduction.


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Meet the Authors

The Bill Dorn

Intergalactically famous operations, procurement, and technology subject matter expert; Dorn is an operations, procurement, and product management leader. He is a process improvement and technology expert specializing in business transformation. In his current role, Dorn heads up Product Strategy for a global fintech leader, Corcentric.

Joe Payne

Joe Payne is an industry-recognized expert in supply chain and procurement best practices. He specializes in increasing the value of procurement via innovative solutions and oversees delivery of both services and technology to help companies improve their procurement, supply chain, and financial processes. In his current role, Payne leads the Source-to-Pay consulting and advisory teams for Corcentric.

David Pastore Strategic Sourcing Expert

David Pastore

David Pastore is a strategic sourcing expert and procurement thought leader. He specializes in enterprise-wide spend management and cost reduction programs. Pastore currently leads the sourcing delivery consulting teams and technology procurement consulting teams at Corcentric.

Jennifer Ulrich Procurement Advisory Leader

Jennifer Ulrich

Jennifer Ulrich is an industry-wide authority on procurement, finance, digital transformation, and category management, focused on elevating the role of procurement through enhanced business processes. Mrs. Ulrich is a leader of the advisory practice at Corcentric.

Managing Indirect Spend, Enhancing Profitability Through Strategic Sourcing

Discover the most efficient and effective procurement strategies to reduce costs and increase profitability.

The newly revised Second Edition of Managing Indirect Spend delivers a concise and authoritative description of the tools and knowledge that executives and procurement professionals need to control costs in the area of indirect spend.

In this practical how-to guide, readers will learn how to be successful in sourcing engagements at any level of complexity, regardless of the procurement maturity of their organization, the amount of spend they manage, or the economic climate they find themselves in. Ideal for chief executive, financial, and information officers and supply chain and distribution managers, Managing Indirect Spend will also earn a place in the libraries of purchasing managers, employees, and executives who need a one-stop and authoritative resource to help them reduce costs
in the area of indirect spend.

Procurement Guidebook for:

Procurement Metrics

Learn about procurement metrics and analytics that matter. Managing Indirect Spend will guide you on how to measure the effectiveness of your procurement operations.

Organizational Structure

Learn how to build lead a proper sourcing organization. Understand the roles of sourcing and procurement professionals and apply them in real world scenarios.

Procurement Technology

Learn about the vast world of Procurement Technologies. Learn about analytics, sourcing, CLM, P2P and S2P technologies and how they benefit business.

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